Wool Memory Banner

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Orders that come through after the deadline of March 29 will not be received in May.  The order is placed as a second order.  There is an additional fee for shipping of $15.00 making the cost of the wool memory banner $120.00

+This wool memory banner is a great way to remember your son's accomplishments while at Don Bosco Prep.   Whether you want to recognize your son's academic or athletic accomplishments, you get to personalize four lines on this banner.  This banner is an easy item to roll up and pack, making it an item your son will surely want to take to college. Ignore the inventory "out of Stock".  Don't miss out on this absolute deadline of March 29th, 2024. ORDER NOW!

Features Include, 

  • 18" x 24" Wool banner
  • Soft felt Border
  • Pole pocket
  • 19" x 1/2" dowel rod with black ends
  • Black cord
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